I. The Lesser Evil

In the first of my many journeys to heaven
In one of my many past lives
For one of the gods’ many gatherings
Ogun demanded that I be his entertainer
—the audacious Alani alagbẹ́dẹ́ ọ́rọ́, the love child of Akinyẹ́le and Abẹ̀ni
Listen here, in those days only two ways led to heaven
One of them is between a queen’s thighs
& Another is behind the dark curtains of death
But what mere man dares venture between a queen’s thighs? —ah!
What mere man risks the King’s wrath? Does he not fear death?
Now I must chant a salute to my Ogun
O Belligerent One, He is not cruel
Ogun places before me death and says I must reach heaven alive
How does one accomplish this? T’ẹ́ti lẹ́, I will tell you
I, Alani alagbẹ́dẹ́ ọ́rọ́, must overthrow the King
Or the Queen must become my mistress
Which is the lesser evil?
You must tell me or I shall not continue my tale.

1. Ogun – a god in Yorùbá mythology
2. Alagbẹ́dẹ́ ọ́rọ́ – Translates directly to the blacksmith of words. It means wordsmith.
3. Akinyẹ́le – A male Yorùbá name.
4. Abẹ̀ni – A female Yorùbá name.
5. T’ẹ́ti lẹ́ – Listen or Lend your ears.


16 Replies to “I. The Lesser Evil”

  1. hmmm… there is no such thing as greater or lesser evil I want to believe… evil is evil… if I were to choose tho, I’ll overthrow the king since I have a god on my side, he could easily convince other gods likewise (read: women of owu by Femi Osofisan) and I’ll do my part by sacrificing to the gods (the gods are anthropomorphic and could be swayed) and I’ll pally with the king makers and the king as well… He won’t know what hit him till hez been overthrown…possibly killed too… #hehe #becarefuloffakefriends

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